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             COVID 19 Studio Safety Protocol Plan


We are committed to providing a safe workout space. With that in mind, we’ve built this Studio Safety Protocol due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As our business re-opens to the public, we want to ensure not only the safety of our clients but the safety of the greater community that every person entering our studio will come into contact with. Every client is expected to take part in implementing and complying with these measures. Before entering the studio for their first class or session, clients will be required to sign a Waiver/Protocol Plan.

Our clients are the core of our business and we’re incredibly serious about protecting the health of each and every one of you. We have built our Studio Safety Protocol with experts including concerns our team has brought before us so that they may feel completely comfortable working out and practicing in our studio. 

Our Studio Safety Protocol follows the CDC, state, and local health guidelines and HIPAA in relation to Covid-19. 



Hygiene Protocol

All clients must implement good hygiene and infection control practices. These include: 

Masks:  Masks are not required if you are fully vaccinated. However, if someone at the studio has a condition where being massless comprises them, please have one available. Clients may wear their own masks or use masks provided complimentary by  the studio.    

Socks: The studio requires that socks be worn.

 Hand Sanitizer:   Hand sanitizer is in a number of locations around the studio.  

Hand Washing: Please wash your hands upon arrival at the studio, and before using any equipment.


Sanitation Protocol 

Our studio will provide daily sanitation and cleaning as normal, with additional cleanings and disinfection measures in between all sessions. ​

  • You may bring your own water. 

  • In between each session, all equipment used will be disinfected. 


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